Life At Sarva

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We greatly appreciate the cultural and ethnic diversity of our 60-member team and delight in celebrating their respective days of significance. In June, a feast was held for the entire Sarva team where we ate together with our brethren of the Islamic faith, in commemoration of Eid.

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The Sarva family came together once again for a worthy case, in the true spirit of Poson. Everyone joined hands to help with the preparation of food and setting up of a Dansala. It was ultimately a success with people from all walks of life partaking in it and interacting with our team members.

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Training sessions are part and parcel of life at Sarva. In the last quarter, our account management team has been trained and enlightened on a range of topics. The most recent session was led by our in-house organisational/ behavioural psychologist, Rozaine Cooray, on mirror neurons and how their impact can be leveraged in storytelling.

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At Sarva, we don’t believe in all work and no play. The entire team got together to participate in the Inter-Advertising Agency Cricket Tournament in July. Along with interacting with the team members of other advertising agencies, we also got to exercise and have fun in a relaxed setting.