Video interview: In conversation with Chamila

A talented writer who literally brings her words to life through Radio and TV, Chamila is an author, director, playwright and journalist whose work on radio, film and print made her a recognized name long before she ventured into advertising. She continues to play the pivotal role of Creative Director at Sarva Colombo.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Chamila Ruwan Kumari. I have worked at Sarva as a Creative Director for the past four years. I consider myself to have many facets, and being a Creative Director is just one of these. I have a wide array of interests. For starters, I am a media personality, a writer and a novelist. I also happen to be a TV announcer, a radio dramatist/animator, a film producer, an environmentalist but most of all, identify as a “traveller”. I have always enjoyed challenges, even as a child.

Can you give us a glimpse into your mind and creative process?

As a child, I was always intrigued about secrets behind things. My little mind wanted answers to simple things like why leaves fall from trees, how flowers grow etc. I am still looking for answers. When I am given a brand to work with, I am constantly searching for the secret insights which I believe is what lies behind powerful and impactful creative work. In the agency environment, I like the challenge of competing against other agencies to win a pitch as opposed to simply being handed the campaign.

What has your journey as an award-winning author been like?

As for my writing, up to the time of this interview, I have written 18 books. I am currently writing my 19th book titled “Katawahapan Siriyawathi”. However, this work has already been turned into a short film which in 2011 won awards for best film, best director and best actress at the National Short Film Festival.

How do you manage to strike a work-life balance?

Work aside, I believe we should not let our jobs control our personal lives and our lives in general. We should aim to get the best out of our jobs whilst being able to spend quality time with our loved ones i.e. family and friends. Regardless of whatever our jobs or positions maybe, we should be able to, during auspicious occasions such as the Sinhala New Year, sit at the same table with our mother, father and siblings. At the same time, if work calls, we should be able to take it on. It’s all about balance to me. I believe balance to be essential to the happiness of men and women alike.

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